Hey Everyone, Ian Warner here!

I am a family man who likes to keep life as simple as possible. From being a D1 athlete to making the Olympics, I fell in love with the power of habits.

Now, I make a living helping people like you to unleash their inner potential through habits and consistency.

To get to where I am today, I had to overcome so many challenges and setbacks. The one thing I never lost sight of is the importance of consistency.

Here is my comeback story...

Yeah, that is my leg to the left. 

Sorry that you had to see that, but you have to understand how much pain I went through. I had broken my leg in middle school, but it was not a typical injury.

I had a spiral fracture to my shin bone playing football. Someone was tackling me, and they grabbed my leg and twisted it. Clearly, my bone was not a fan of that! 

I had to have surgery on it twice. After the first surgery, the picture to the left is where doctors put two screws in my ankle and inserted a metal plate into my leg. 

Two things were real at this moment:

  1. It was the most painful thing that had ever happened to me.
  2. I would never guess how the injury would change my life

My Life Changed Forever

The Injury changed my life because it introduced me to the power of habits. When you're trying to recover from an injury, illness, or addiction, there is no way to do it quickly.

The only way to reach your goals is if you show up each and every day and make a bit of progress. I had to get my ankle mobility back slowly and regain enough strength in my lower leg to run again. 

It turns out that the perfect time to make massive shifts in your habits is right after a crisis. Big problems serve as a wake-up call. 

I realized that my talent was not going to carry me to my dreams.
Success would only come from making small amounts of progress every day for an extended time.

Nothing happened for a while, but in my last two years of high school, the results began to show up. My grades were good, and I was one of the fastest kids in Canada. I earned a scholarship to Iowa State University.

My Guiding Principles

#1 - Show-Up Consistently

You can never win if you don't show up consistently. All the rewards go to the people who keep coming back for more. Anyone can show up once, but only some are willing to show up daily for a decade. That is what success requires of us

#2 - Learn More & Do What You Know

You have to be obsessed with learning. More reading, courses, podcasts, etc. You have to take it a step further and do the things that you're learning too. Success goes to those who know, do, and find ways to adapt to what life hands them

#3 - Progress Over Perfection 

Each day presents an opportunity to move a bit closer to your goals. You must show up and make some progress. You can always improve things later, but perfection limits the ability to move forward and win. Always chase progress over doing work that keeps you busy. 

The Path to The Olympics

What got you to the point you're at will not get you to the next level. It was easier to have habits in high school because I was in a comfortable environment. I also had my parents around to keep me in check.

To thrive at the next level, everything would have to change. I was hit with so many setbacks. I was in a long-distance relationship and staying up on the phone later than I should have been.

My first two years were ruined with an injury. I considered quitting the sport altogether. I figured that my body was not made to run at the D1 level. I fractured my back, pulled my hamstring twice, had severe shin splints, and many other issues.

I considered transferring from Iowa State altogether. My coach and I did not get along. Everything was going downhill until this one shift changes everything.

Habits Got Me to The Next Level

I was able to regain control of my life by remembering what habits could do. What I was looking for in college was an immediate success. I had to let go of that idea and remember that great things take time

I refocused and took ownership of my life—no more blaming my coach or anyone else for the results I was creating. I created an injury routine that I would go through daily to stay healthy.

I Focused in On These Habits Each Day:

- 10 Hours of Sleep
- Improved Diet
- Hydration
- Stretching Before Bed
- Therapy Everyday
- Reading Books on Great Athletes

In the first season, nothing improved or happened. I show up every day and put in all of this work and had no fantastic results. The team's head coach let me know that if I stayed consistent one more year, everything would change. I did not believe him, but he was right.

The next season, I became one of the best sprinters in the country. I was All-Big 12, All-American, and I achieved my ultimate goal of making the 2012 Olympic team.

Like the bamboo tree, all those early years of my life were growing roots for the success that would eventually come.

Today I am happily married to my wife, and I have two little girls and a baby boy. I have committed my life to follow Jesus Christ and doing everything I can to walk through this world like him. 

Family changes everything! When you have a family of your own, you realize the value of time. 

After retiring from the track, I was lost for a bit. I went to work the first job that would hire me because I was told that's what I should do. I was miserable, though, there was nothing about this company.

I tell this story in more detail in my book, but my all-time low came when one of the Janitors found out that I went to the Olympics. He looks at me, shocked, and then said: "why are you here?" 

I knew that I needed to do something different at that moment.

The Blueprint for Success

I already had the blueprint for success, but I needed the courage to follow it again. I needed to start relying on habits that move me towards my larger goal. I created different businesses and made money as an entrepreneur, but I was still making one massive mistake.

Habits I Adopted and Tracked

- Waking up at 3:10 AM
- Working out
- Reading
- Meditation/Prayer Time
- Brain Training App (Elevate)
- Journaling
- Reviewing Goals
- Hydration

The problem was that I was not sticking with one overall mission. I spent too much time quitting and trying new things.

I started running when I was 7 and made the Olympic team when I was 22 years old. I needed to dedicate a decade of my life to one thing.

One day it hit me when I was talking to my old coach from college. He mentioned that I had some of the best habits he had ever seen in an athlete.

The thing that I needed to help the world with was developing excellent habits. Most people knew who they wanted to be but struggled to become that person.

Setting goals is the easy part but staying motivated and knowing what actions to take next are harder. When you choose the right habits based on your goals, you can guarantee progress by showing up each day.

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